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We n'd da be all up in dis crunch!

Arlan, is the subject an appropriate use of the phrase? haha sorry if it's not.

OK so I know this post, we all really do love terra! I just don't know if everyone is on her board/myspace etc, so I figured I'd post it just in case...

Vote for Terra Naomi for the BMI Podcast

I've only been able to vote 2-3 times b/c it logs your IP address as a trackeing tool and finally being on highspeed, mine doesn't change :-/

So that means, you people w/ Dial up, you have to make sure you go vote EVERY TIME you re-connect b/c if I remember correctly, each time you dial in, your IP changes ;) or if you're at school/the library/starbs/b&n, you should vote at those different places too ;)

we have until 8/31 to get her to the top! If she wins, she gets a 1000 CD Duplication package, and we all know how that helps artists!

we all <3 Terra
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