fatfreegummy (fatfreegummy) wrote in terranaomifans,

*Terra chat July 5, 2005 part 1*

You have just entered room "terrarocks."
MrazMerize623 has entered the room.
MrazMerize623: Aww how exciting
TradeTruth4Lies has entered the room.
SeXiGreeKChicK: haha
MrazMerize623: Hey Gill!
TradeTruth4Lies: hey MO!
MrazMerize623: nice to see a name I know
JackieM291: hello everyone!
MrazMerize623: hi.
SeXiGreeKChicK: hellllo
MrazMerize623: aww Gilly, I'm so sad Amber's not here.
MrazMerize623: lets tell Tara she said HIII!
TradeTruth4Lies: I'll save it though
MrazMerize623: okay good
MrazMerize623: we made it early...
MrazMerize623: this is really exciting
SeXiGreeKChicK: i saw mostly everyone was online so i figured to start it early!
SeXiGreeKChicK: even though terra's not on yet..
MrazMerize623: yeah, so lets all introduce ourselves...
TradeTruth4Lies: I'm gonna invite Briel in!
MrazMerize623: bekka doesn't want to come?
Horseluvr636 has entered the room.
TradeTruth4Lies: she said she got her invite...
MrazMerize623: yeah
Horseluvr636: hello all.
MrazMerize623: but she doesn't want to come
MrazMerize623: hello
TradeTruth4Lies: hey briel!
JackieM291: hey!
SeXiGreeKChicK: i feel out of place.. i dont know anyone
MrazMerize623: you know Me
SeXiGreeKChicK: haha
JackieM291: neither do i
Horseluvr636: I don't know anyone either.
MrazMerize623: you know me, too
TradeTruth4Lies: haha I don't really "know know" anyone
TradeTruth4Lies: just mo a lil
JackieM291: haha well, besides you
MrazMerize623: I'm Mo. Hi.
TradeTruth4Lies: and becca when she comes in here
JackieM291: I
TradeTruth4Lies: I just know briel's name from the LJ!
JackieM291: woops, I'm Jackie
MrazMerize623: I was like, "hello I?"
MrazMerize623: haha
JackieM291: ha
SeXiGreeKChicK: and I'm AnnaMarie, hiiiiii
TradeTruth4Lies: oh mo she rejected yours b/c the invite from Annamarie was already loading
TradeTruth4Lies: which it still is...
MrazMerize623: yeah
TradeTruth4Lies: so becca's on her way in
MrazMerize623: that's what she just said
TradeTruth4Lies: haha
SeXiGreeKChicK: cath branch has been idle for like 50 minutes.. so i dunno when shes coming in
MrazMerize623: maybe she isn't
MrazMerize623: that person who IMd me earlier
MrazMerize623: was like
MrazMerize623: "well that's 2 AM here. Hell no."
MrazMerize623: haha
SeXiGreeKChicK: haha
JackieM291: fish!
TradeTruth4Lies: awwwwwwwww
MrazMerize623: I think so
MrazMerize623: how did you know that?
MrazMerize623: haha
TradeTruth4Lies: yeah I was a lil skeptical that it would be 8 PST b/c this old woman needs to sleep early for work
JackieM291: he/she (i dont know if its a guy or a girl) imed me too
MrazMerize623: yeah
MrazMerize623: I was like, who names their kid fish?
SeXiGreeKChicK: haha
MrazMerize623: that's like naming someone apple
JackieM291: its really marcel i think
SeXiGreeKChicK: where is it from?
MrazMerize623: no idea.
JackieM291: Switzerland
MrazMerize623: I dind't think you were gonna come back.
MrazMerize623: You went away for so long.
SeXiGreeKChicK: who, me?
MrazMerize623: yeah
SeXiGreeKChicK: nah i came back
MrazMerize623: thank goodness
MrazMerize623: lol
SeXiGreeKChicK: that would be effed up of me if i didnt lol
MrazMerize623: yes it would
TradeTruth4Lies: yeah it would
MrazMerize623: haha
SeXiGreeKChicK: haha
MrazMerize623: word..
SeXiGreeKChicK: but im heeeere
TradeTruth4Lies: but I'd be like "ok F that noise I'm doing this junx"
SeXiGreeKChicK: so its all good
SeXiGreeKChicK: i figured that.. i was like if im not there on time.. somone else would start it
MrazMerize623: khai919 (7:45:30 PM): i love you
MrazMerize623: yay i have the bestest boyfriend everrrr
MrazMerize623: 4 minutes, right?
SeXiGreeKChicK: i dunno, terra said she would sign on at 7:50
MrazMerize623: yup
MrazMerize623: that she did.
Cath Branch has entered the room.
SeXiGreeKChicK: heyyy cath!
Cath Branch: Hey!! :D
TradeTruth4Lies: Cath! I'm Gillian
MrazMerize623: yay, she's back!
TradeTruth4Lies: oh yeah I never said that "out loud"
MrazMerize623: Hey, I'm Mo!
TradeTruth4Lies: aka Gillyanne
JackieM291: hi, i'm jackie!
MrazMerize623: Hi Jackie, nice to meet you!
Cath Branch: well nice to meet you guys!
JackieM291: you too freak
SeXiGreeKChicK: lol we gotta go through this everytime someone comes in
SeXiGreeKChicK: i'm annamarie!
MrazMerize623: smelly old lady!
MrazMerize623: not you, jackie is.
MrazMerize623: lol
TradeTruth4Lies: but only this time!
Horseluvr636: I'm still at work for the next 13 min. so don't tell anyone. that's why I might not say much. LOL
JackieM291: old fart.
TradeTruth4Lies: I'm adding comments to the names on my BL
TradeTruth4Lies: hehe
MrazMerize623: ...I'm so nervous
MrazMerize623: lol
SeXiGreeKChicK: lol what if terra forgets
MrazMerize623: i don't know why
MrazMerize623: what if she doesn't like our fonts?
JackieM291: haha
MrazMerize623: look jackie changed her colors
JackieM291: hahah
SeXiGreeKChicK: it wont let me change mine.. only the damn color
SeXiGreeKChicK: lol i cahnged my color too
MrazMerize623: let me go change mine
MrazMerize623: okay
MrazMerize623: is this fine?
SeXiGreeKChicK: no
MrazMerize623: now we all have white, don't we?
MrazMerize623: HEY!
TradeTruth4Lies: not me
MrazMerize623: lol
SeXiGreeKChicK: haha
TradeTruth4Lies: unless it comes thru anyway
TradeTruth4Lies: I have teal
MrazMerize623: was the blue annoying?
SeXiGreeKChicK: i see your teal
MrazMerize623: can I go back to that?
JackieM291: no
SeXiGreeKChicK: no
JackieM291: haha
MrazMerize623: no to the annoying?
TradeTruth4Lies: yeah I'm used to it
MrazMerize623: or no to the back to that?
TradeTruth4Lies: the different colors dont' bother me
JackieM291: me either
TradeTruth4Lies: as long as I can read the font on it
SeXiGreeKChicK: me either
MrazMerize623: jackie, I can't read yours
MrazMerize623: it's too bright.
TradeTruth4Lies: now that green on the white
TradeTruth4Lies: hurts a il
JackieM291: psh fine
SeXiGreeKChicK: haha
MrazMerize623: yes it does.
MrazMerize623: haha
SeXiGreeKChicK: ill stick with my black
Bekkaliz has entered the room.
TradeTruth4Lies: hah yes that worked!
Bekkaliz: yay!!
JackieM291: ok now?
SeXiGreeKChicK: lol lets think of what color terra font would be!
Bekkaliz: i don't knwo what was wrong
TradeTruth4Lies: and kerrin's back too!
JackieM291: no one ever uses purple
SeXiGreeKChicK: lol
heans137 has entered the room.
TradeTruth4Lies: mine's purple
TradeTruth4Lies: I think
Bekkaliz: my aim is usually pretty instantaneous
TradeTruth4Lies: itr just doesn't look lik eit
heans137: heyy guys
MrazMerize623: lyk now I'm all tyler pimped
JackieM291: hey!
TradeTruth4Lies: haha
SeXiGreeKChicK: heyy
JackieM291: lyk
TradeTruth4Lies: dude I actually put that CD in today
JackieM291: uff
Bekkaliz: hey kerrin
TradeTruth4Lies: and that's the song it's in the middle of when I turned my car off
heans137: heyy becca
MrazMerize623: hey Bekkkkka!
Bekkaliz: hey marisa!
heans137: whats going on guyss
Cath Branch: so, you guys all know each other?lol
xO bLnDy gRl Xo has entered the room.
MrazMerize623: we try.
xO bLnDy gRl Xo: hey guys..
MrazMerize623: Hey Britt Bratt paddy wack
xO bLnDy gRl Xo: hey mo mo mo-risa!
MrazMerize623: go eat.
TradeTruth4Lies: ok I'll go downt he list for everyone
xO bLnDy gRl Xo: guys i have to eat so im going to hurry...
TradeTruth4Lies: sexi = annamarie
Bekkaliz: yeah i know most of you guys lol
TradeTruth4Lies: jackie = well jackie
SeXiGreeKChicK: damn straight
TradeTruth4Lies: mraz - Mo/Marisa
SeXiGreeKChicK: lol jk
Bekkaliz: hello cath, i am becca
xO bLnDy gRl Xo: me=Brittany
JackieM291: mine's tough!
heans137: becca is there ne other people i kno in here?
TradeTruth4Lies: trade *aka me* = Gillian
Cath Branch: Hey Becca! Nice to meet you!
TradeTruth4Lies: Horse - Briel
heans137: annamaria is in here?
MrazMerize623: I'm Mo.
TradeTruth4Lies: Cath is cath
Bekkaliz: likewise
TradeTruth4Lies: Bekka is Becca
Bekkaliz: you know gill
Cath Branch: yeah, that was an easy one!lol
TradeTruth4Lies: Heans = Kerrin
Bekkaliz: i think that's it
TradeTruth4Lies: Blondy is Britt
heans137: wuttup
TradeTruth4Lies: look I'm good!
xO bLnDy gRl Xo: yah thats me!
xO bLnDy gRl Xo: haha ok guys ill hurry back i promise!!!
MrazMerize623: GO EAT, skank.
xO bLnDy gRl Xo: OK biatch LOl
MrazMerize623: this background sure is bright.
heans137: annamaria from the ny concertt?
TradeTruth4Lies: no
heans137: o
TradeTruth4Lies: but they're both greek
TradeTruth4Lies: so it's confusing for us!
heans137: haahah
heans137: ha
SeXiGreeKChicK: haha
heans137: whos that
SeXiGreeKChicK: who, me?
heans137: yea
SeXiGreeKChicK: im annamarie
heans137: from where
Bekkaliz: haha annamaria
MrazMerize623: Okay, back to this.
Bekkaliz: and her private church services
heans137: do i kno her becca
Bekkaliz: yeah
heans137: ok thought so
Bekkaliz: lol
MrazMerize623: omg she forgot, didn't she?
heans137: annamaria that i thought i saw in America Eagle the other day
MrazMerize623: probably.
SeXiGreeKChicK: lol shes gonna be fashionably late
MrazMerize623: haha
MrazMerize623: so rockstar.
Bekkaliz: haha
heans137: ha
SeXiGreeKChicK: i bet thats what shes planning on too!
Bekkaliz: did you go up to her, kerrin?
MrazMerize623: she's like, "hmm they're all waiting"
MrazMerize623: haha
SeXiGreeKChicK: i know
MrazMerize623: watch her stand us up...
Bekkaliz: curtis forgot about a chat once
JackieM291: yup
JackieM291: that jerk
MrazMerize623: I have so much faith in her, obviously.
heans137: no bc i wasnt sure if it was her but on myspace we tlked bout it and we both agreed how goodlooking the dressing room guy was
Bekkaliz: lol
heans137: so i need her to answer me so i kno its her lol
Bekkaliz: hahaha
Bekkaliz: man i want to go to that american eagle now
Bekkaliz: it's a happenin' place
MrazMerize623: there's a boy at our Urban Outfitters that smells really good.
SeXiGreeKChicK: oo american eagle, i liiiike
TradeTruth4Lies: the guy at the genius bar at my apple store is hot
TradeTruth4Lies: indie and hot
heans137: omg he was soo goodlooking and my friend was tryin stuff on so the hot guy was flirting with me haha
MrazMerize623: this guy was gay
MrazMerize623: all the good ones are.
Bekkaliz: the guys who work at the jammin' java are rather attractive
heans137: haha
TradeTruth4Lies: oh I'll have to see this then won't I bec?
Bekkaliz: esp the sound guy
TradeTruth4Lies: are they older?
TradeTruth4Lies: so I'm game?
Bekkaliz: yes they are older
heans137: haha
heans137: nicee
MrazMerize623: woah bekkkkka took gill's color
MrazMerize623: or is that just on my computer?
TradeTruth4Lies: hahaha
TradeTruth4Lies: it did on mine too
heans137: i got that 2
MrazMerize623: oh okay.
MrazMerize623: lol
Bekkaliz: i haven't changed my color lol
heans137: ha\
MrazMerize623: truing to keep up.
TradeTruth4Lies: and now it's not
TradeTruth4Lies: oh you know what?
heans137: haha yea right
MrazMerize623: trying*
TradeTruth4Lies: I think becca maybe gets whatever is before her
TradeTruth4Lies: since she's defult
MrazMerize623: oh yeah
MrazMerize623: yeah yeah
MrazMerize623: i know what you're talking about
heans137: true
Bekkaliz: oh how fun
MrazMerize623: what'd you guys have for dinner?
heans137: haah
JackieM291: brad?
TradeTruth4Lies: nachos
MrazMerize623: ....maybe.
MrazMerize623: oo I had nachos too
Bekkaliz: i had leftover birthday cake
MrazMerize623: what kind of cake?
JackieM291: i had.. fajitas
Bekkaliz: it was delicious
heans137: HAPPY BELATED BECCA!!!!!!
Bekkaliz: strawberry and vanilla cake
MrazMerize623: ooo
MrazMerize623: never had it
Bekkaliz: thanks kerrin!!!
MrazMerize623: sounds good though
Bekkaliz: it is :-)
MrazMerize623: was yours the same as Britt's?
heans137: ne time becca!
Bekkaliz: haha
TradeTruth4Lies: I always make my mom make me angelfood cake
TradeTruth4Lies: ye sit was mo
MrazMerize623: aww
TradeTruth4Lies: haha answered for you
MrazMerize623: no one told me!
heans137: yellow cake with choc. forsting is my fav
SeXiGreeKChicK: yeaah, terra def. stood us up.. lol
MrazMerize623: NO NO
MrazMerize623: have faith
MrazMerize623: she didn't
heans137: hahq
SeXiGreeKChicK: lol im kidding
MrazMerize623: we'll wait till 8 30
TradeTruth4Lies: didn't she just post on the thread today?
SeXiGreeKChicK: haha 8:30
MrazMerize623: and then we'll all post
Bekkaliz: yeah britt got a whole post on the thmb :-(
MrazMerize623: saying that we're crying.
SeXiGreeKChicK: yeaah, she said shed be on at 7:50..
heans137: yeaa where is she haha
MrazMerize623: you have something better to do?
MrazMerize623: lol
Bekkaliz: but i got one on terra's board, so it's all goo
Bekkaliz: d
SeXiGreeKChicK: maybe shes like 'fuck that chat, im going to the bar!'
MrazMerize623: no way
Bekkaliz: haha
heans137: haha
MrazMerize623: she loves us.
MrazMerize623: I hope.
SeXiGreeKChicK: lol
Bekkaliz: haha
TradeTruth4Lies: I've got my beer w/ me!
heans137: haha nice gill
JackieM291: i've got my... ice tea
Cath Branch: I,ve got my... antkiller powder! Anybody want some?lol
MrazMerize623: my butt's falling asleep....
JackieM291: yum!
Cath Branch: My house in invasted my ants these days!lol
Cath Branch: *with
TradeTruth4Lies: hehe yummy
SeXiGreeKChicK: haha im on her board
heans137: ha
MrazMerize623: go post
SeXiGreeKChicK: it says she posted at like.. 7:41
MrazMerize623: and say "terra where is you?!"
heans137: as we all wait...........
MrazMerize623: want to play a game?
SeXiGreeKChicK: she posted on her board like 20 minutes ago
SeXiGreeKChicK: she couldnt have gotten far
Bekkaliz: lol
TradeTruth4Lies: haha
heans137: lol
MrazMerize623: we can play rock paper scissors
Bekkaliz: maybe she's having aim problems?
heans137: maybe
TradeTruth4Lies: ::BOMB!::
SeXiGreeKChicK: maybe she doesnt know how to sign on?
MrazMerize623: woah
MrazMerize623: that's the new school
SeXiGreeKChicK: or forgot her password!
MrazMerize623: we're all about oldschool
MrazMerize623: maybe she changed her s/n
MrazMerize623: haha
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